Audit Committee of Roanoke City Council
Noel C. Taylor Municipal Building
Room 451 South (Council's Conference Room)
4:00 PM to 5:00 PM

Call to Order

The Committee Chair will call the meeting to order and ask the Secretary to call the roll

Approval of the Minutes from the Last Audit Committee Meeting

The Committee Chair will ask if there are any comments or suggested revisions to the minutes.

Annual Simplified Comparative - 2019

A graphical depiction of socio-economic, performance, and financial data showing historical trends and comparisons with neighboring localities. 

Police Cash Follow Up

A review of the status of action plans from the 2018 Police Cash & Fees audit.

Audit of City Council Expenditures for FY19

Annual audit of expenditures by Members of City Council

Audit of the Clerk of Circuit Court for CY18

Results of the City's portion of the Auditor of Public Account's annual audit of the Clerk of the Circuit Court.

Investigation of DSS Adult Services Program

Results of an investigation of Adult Services and Adult Protective Services functions in the Department of Social Services

Investigation of Parks & Recreation Complaint

Results of an investigation into allegations of time abuse and asset mismanagement in the Recreation division.

Investigation - Right of Way Mowing Records

Results of an investigation looking at right of way mowing performance

Audit Committee Annual Report - FY19

Annual report of the activity of the Audit Committee and Auditing Department

Other Business

The Committee Chair will ask if there is any other business to bring before the Committee. 

Investigation - Lunches Provided by Vendor

Results of an investigation into concerns about a lunch requested by management and paid for by the vendors hired to build and deliver the City's solid waste trucks


If there is no other business, the meeting is adjourned.