Buildings use more than 40% of the nation's energy, therefore ever building needs to be as energy efficient as possible. The city recognizes the need for the best environmental practices, which is why it follows LEED guidelines on all of the new construction and major renovations.

When the city began planning a new Fire Station #3 on Williamson Road, one of the goals was to build the facility using Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) standards. Completed in early 2009, it achieved LEED Gold Certification for such features as recycled construction materials, high-performance heating and cooling, a food composter, and a rainwater harvesting system that provides gray water for flushing toilets and washing vehicles.

The city continues to follow LEED protocol and has certified the following buildings.
Front of Fire Station
LEED Projects

Fire Station #3 Williamson Road

Fire Station #5 Orange Avenue
Roanoke City Market
Police Academy