In 2006, Fleet began to seek opportunities to improve the energy efficiency and the environmental cost of its operations. The first step was to use of a 5% biodiesel (B5) fuel mix for over 350 pieces of heavy equipment, biodiesel reduces toxic emissions and runs much cleaner than gasoline. In addition, all gasoline-powered vehicles are operating on E-10 ethanol, which is also cleaner. Over the years these successful changes have lead to the use of propane in the compatible equipment, and in some select vehicles.  Not only is propane much better for the environment but it is also much less expensive than gasoline. There is a plan in place for a Compressed Natural Gas station to be built on the premises in the near future.

The city has 8 hybrid vehicles in its fleet, three all-electric vehicles, with several more on order, for appropriate uses. For community use the city has two 240 volts, "Level 2" electric chargers at the Virginia Museum of Transportation at 303 Norfolk Avenue and at the River House on 806 Wasena Avenue SW. Last spring the city added a "Level 3" quick charger, located in the heart of downtown, adjacent to the Well Fargo Plaza between Norfolk and Salem Avenues. 

Fleet Management continues to innovate, research and implement effective green practices as recycling antifreeze, properly disposing of oil filters, tracking vehicle performance and improving processes.

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