Sustainability in Roanoke

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Congratulations to Roanoke's Facilities Management team for achieving a 23% reduction in the Better Building Challenge!

April 20, 2019

Energy Efficiency Goal Achieved!!

Congratulation to Roanoke’s Facilities Management team for achievinga 23% energy reduction on over one million square feet of city owned buildings!Roanoke joined the Department of Energy’s Better Building Challenge in 2012,committing 30 buildings or 1.16 million square feet to a 20% energy reductionby 2022.

The Better BuildingsChallenge partners strive to decrease building energy use intensity (EUI) andto increase the percent improvement compared to a set baseline of 2009. Roanokeachieved the goal three years ahead of the target date. Top performers includethe Berglund Center with a 30% reduction and the Courthouse and Jail Complexwith a 25% savings. 

The BerglundCenter is featured as a Showcase Project in the Challenge, these projects havea more aggressive energy goal and target date. In this case, the BerglundCenter’s target was a 30% reduction by the end of this year. Including over390,000 square feet of entertainment and convention center space, the buildingis the focus an extensive energy retrofit. The major projects included the LEDconversion of the coliseum, various lighting retrofits, upgraded the HVACequipment, and a new ice making machine for the hockey arena. The BerglundCenter is also recognized for its success in achieving its 30% energy reductionby its target date!

 In order to continue to improve buildingperformance of all the properties, the in-house energy team has a PreventiveMaintenance Plan and Capital Repair Program that prioritizes continued improvementsfor lighting retrofits, HVAC and mechanical systems replacements and repairs ineach building.

Roanoke’scommitment to saving energy, as well as saving money, are key to keepingRoanoke Clean and Green!

Learn more aboutthe Roanoke’s commitment to the Better Building Challenge by visiting

The City of Roanoke is committed to making “clean and green” an integral part of the way we do business. We work in partnership with residents, businesses, schools, and civic organizations to take an active role and responsibility for improving and preserving the visual appeal and natural beauty of the community.  For more information please read the official Clean and Green Pledge (PDF).
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On Sept. 2, 2008, Roanoke City Council signed onto ICLEI/ Local Governments for Sustainability and adopted greenhouse gas (GHG) reduction targets for the city and community. Council committed by resolution to reduce GHG emissions from municipal operations by a total of 12.5% over a five-year period between Jan. 1, 2009 and Dec. 31, 2014. Council also established a goal to reduce community-wide GHG emissions by 10% over a five-year period during the same time frame. At the end of CY 2014 the city had surpassed the municipal goal by achieving a 25% GHG reduction and an impressive 13% for the community.

In June 2016, council adopted new targets of an additional 12.5% for the municipal operations and an additional 10% for the community by the end of CY 2019.

With these emission reduction targets in mind, City staff was charged with developing a Climate Action Plan for the Roanoke community and implementing the programs, initiatives and best practices to the extent practical and achievable within available funding and resources.


Roanoke has completed the community inventory every year since 2008. The municipal footprint is now on a biannual basis with the last completed GHG measurement in 2014. ICLEI provides the city with a reporting software ClearPath which is used by a large number of cities across the world. ClearPath provides consistency in data collection and analytics.

Better Building Challenge

In 2012 Roanoke joined the Better Building Challenge as an early adopter, the city committed to a 20% energy reduction on  over a million square feet by 2022. Recently, Roanoke was invited to join the Better Community Alliance to implement best practices and strategies to improve the environmental footprint.

Compact of Mayors 

Roanoke signed on to the Compact of Mayors, the first global coalition of local government committed to reducing and track the greenhouse gas emissions. Last year  the Compact of Mayors merged with the Covenant of Mayors, to form the Global Covenant of Mayors fro Climate and Energy.