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  1. City of Roanoke Schedules Vet Visit for 'Trojan Dog'

    On Nov. 19 the Trojan Dog, Roanoke’s four-legged friend, will depart Fire Station #7 to be groomed. The dog will get a new protective coat and 4 DD Designs will fix small cracks on his ears. Once completed, the dog will be temporarily relocated. Read on...
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The City of Roanoke views art and culture as integral to the community because of their potential to enhance the quality of life for Roanoke’s citizens, increase tourism, support education, and stimulate the economy. 

Roanoke also sees public art as a tool to create livable cities, create a heightened sense of place and community identity, enliven the visual quality of public space, and enrich the spirit and pride of its citizens.

The Roanoke Arts Commission is responsible for overseeing the development of Arts and Culture in the City of Roanoke.

The mission of the Roanoke Arts Commission (RAC), as established in 1983, is to “advise and assist city council on matters relating to the advancement of the arts and humanities within the city” to establish Roanoke as a vibrant, prosperous community where arts and culture engage people in all aspects of life. The RAC increases 
the collective impact of the arts and cultural community by

    • Advocating for arts cultural initiatives and investment
    • Managing and informing the City’s Public Art Plan.
    • Advancing the City’s Arts and Cultural Plan.
    • Guiding City investments in arts and culture.