Cut It & Leave It

What Is Cut It & Leave It?
Cut it and leave it is the natural way you can have a green, healthy lawn while spending less time and money! Sounds too good to be true? Well try it, you just might like what you see.

How Does It Work?
It works like this:
  • Cut the top one third of the grass blade and leave the clippings on the lawn.
  • Mow when the grass is dry to avoid tracking and clumping.
  • Keep your mower blade sharp.
  • No special equipment is necessary. Mulching blades are available for most mowers, but a regular blade will do just as well.
When “Cut it and Leave it” is properly done, clippings settle quickly between the growing blades of grass where they shelter the roots from the sun, and conserve moisture. As they break down, they release more moisture as well as nutrients into the soil. This means that grass needs to be watered less frequently. Clippings left on the lawn supply one third or more of the nitrogen needed to keep your grass green and healthy.

Thatch is an accumulation of dead roots, stems and rhizomes which are parts of the plant that decompose slowly. Clippings, which are 95% water, are leaves of the grass plant and decompose too quickly to contribute to thatch.