Collection Schedule

Roanoke's Solid Waste Collection Days

Each resident's refuse, recycling, bulk and brush collection take place on the same day of the week, except as noted. Please be aware that as many as four or five different trucks could pass through your neighborhood, each collecting one of these items, sometime during your collection day.

Using Interstate 581/U.S. Highway 200 and the main Norfolk Southern Railway tracks to divide the city into quadrants, collection for Northwest will take place on Monday, Northeast on Tuesday, Southeast on Wednesday, and Southwest on Thursday. These quadrants do not necessarily match the quadrants used for postal addresses.

Are you an A Week or B Week?  Call 853-2000, option #1 for help, or look in materials delivered with your recycling cart. Click here to view the 2018 Collection Schedule.
City of Roanoke Solid Waste Collection Days Map