Real Estate Valuation

The Office of Real Estate Valuation is the City department responsible for appraising all real property at 100% of market value each year.  The appraisals are used to calculate the annual real estate tax bill. 

The Assessor's Office:

  • strives to provide equitable and accurate assessments 
  • analyzes parcel sales, land subdivisions, zoning changes 
  • updates and maintains building and property characteristics 
  • maintains parcel information for website
  • administers preferential programs, including Agricultural Land Use and Exemption on Certain Rehabilitated Real Property
  • manages the tax abatement programs 
  • evaluates trends that affect market value of real property 
  • performs market value appraisals related to mechanical, plumbing, electrical and building permits
  • provides exceptional customer service and comprehensive real estate information 

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To view the General Reassessment Briefing for Fiscal Year 2021-2022 presented to Roanoke City Council on Monday, January 4, 2021, click here.