Roanoke Regional Fire-EMS Academy

The Roanoke Valley Regional Fire-EMS Recruit Academy is the result of years of cooperative development between the City of Roanoke, County of Roanoke, City of Salem, and Town of Vinton. The Roanoke Regional Training Center serves as the administrative headquarters for the training divisions from the 4 jurisdictions, and provides classrooms and support facilities for comprehensive fire-EMS academy training.

The Importance of Safety

Fire and EMS training involves a wide variety of activities, including live fire evolutions, operation of fire and EMS apparatus and equipment, and skilled emergency medical care. In this sense, fire and EMS training is different than most training because you can be hurt or killed. Safety is paramount. It is, therefore, essential that you constantly stay alert and follow training guidelines and rules. The Roanoke Regional Fire Academy staff strives to provide the safest possible learning environment, while preparing recruits for a career in the fire service. For this reason, rules and regulations have been developed for all phases of fire and EMS training and are strictly enforced.

Academy Process

The academy begins with an orientation week during which new recruits are introduced to academy rules, receive new-hire orientation and various equipment and facility assignments. The remainder of the academy lasts from 12 to 16 weeks, depending on its configuration. During this time, recruits receive basic firefighter training, basic emergency medical training, and basic rescue training. When complete, the new recruit will not only graduate from the academy but also receive various certifications from the Virginia Department of Fire Programs, Virginia Office of EMS and the American Heart Association.

Perhaps most importantly, the fire-EMS academy process provides the recruits with valuable training and experience in team-building and physical fitness that cannot be obtained through conventional night or weekend certification classes. Historically, all recruits (even ones experienced in fire and EMS) have graduated with a tremendous feeling of accomplishment and increased knowledge of the job that lays before them.