Getting Started

Step by Step Application Process

Step 1

The first step in fulfilling your goal of, "Seeing yourself in the Blue" is the application process. Before completing the online application read the basic requirements on page 2 of the Hiring Process (PDF) for the police officer position carefully. If you have questions Contact Us. Complete the online application for the police officer position with the City Roanoke Police Department by clicking on the word application anywhere on this page. Be sure to use your correct mailing address. The Department of Human Resources for the City of Roanoke will use your mailing address to contact you in regard to your test date.
Step 2
The written test is the second step in the application process. When you are contacted by the Department of Human Resources. Make a note of the date, time and location of the test. The recruiter for the Roanoke Police Department will use your email address to send a reminder prior to your test date. On your scheduled test date you will be required to take 2 tests: a written test and (if satisfactorily completed) an agility test.

Step 3

After satisfactorily completing the written and agility tests, you will be given a Personal History Questionnaire. The Personal History Questionnaire is the document a background investigator uses to investigate your background. The background investigator will also use this document to assess those qualities relevant to the police officer position: neatness, organization and thoroughness. This is your first opportunity to make an impression. Make it a good one.

Step 4
The fourth step in the application process is the interview. Socially accepted standards for interview protocol should be followed, among these are: be on time, be appropriately attired, be relaxed and be ready. After successfully negotiating the interview, there are many more steps, but you are well on your way.

Additional Steps
The application process is a progressive process. Each step must be completed successfully before going to the next. The following is an overview of some of the more important steps:
  1. Behavioral Test
  2. Background Investigation
  3. Polygraph Examination
  4. Oral Board Interview
  5. Applicant Review
  6. Conditional Offer of Employment
  7. Psychological Examination
  8. Comprehensive Medical Examination