Facilities Tour

Virtual Tour
Welcome to the Roanoke Police Academy's Virtual Tour. This virtual tour is designed to give you an inside look at the Police Department's state of the art facility. The tour begins outside the Police Academy. Left-click and drag your mouse to view the exterior of the Academy. When you place the cursor on the front door, it should change to an arrow. Click on the door to enter the building. You can now navigate throughout the building by clicking on any door that shows an arrow. Each room has a 360 degree view so be sure to look around.

Depending on your internet connection, the video can take several minutes to load. If the arrow to the front door does not appear, the video is still in the process of loading. QuickTime software is required to view this video. If you do not have QuickTime installed, it can be downloaded from Apple online.

Photo Tour
You can also take a virtual tour of the Roanoke Police Academy by clicking on the item of interest below.