Equity & Empowerment Advisory Board


The purpose and responsibility of the Equity and Empowerment Advisory Board shall be as follows:

1. Review the priorities for Interwoven Equity in Plan 2040 and any subsequent city comprehensive plan;

2.  Develop proposed plans for the implementation of policies and actions identified for each priority set forth in the Interwoven Equity in City Plan 2040; and

3.  Review all existing city policies, ordinances and regulations and recommend to City Council changes in such policies, ordinances or regulations to eliminate the city of any policies or procedures that promote inequality or limit empowerment. 

MembersTerm of OfficeEligible for Reappointment
Council Member Bestpitch

Council Member White-Boyd

Dr. William L. Lee12/31/23Yes
Jerel Rhodes12/31/23Yes
Elda Stanco Downey12/31/23Yes
Peter Wonson12/31/23Yes
Angela S. Penn12/31/23Yes
Patice Holland*12/31/23Yes
Kathy Cohen12/31/23Yes

(*) Denotes non-City Resident

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The Roanoke Equity and Empowerment Advisory Board will virtually conduct a public hearing on Thursday, March 4, 2021 at 6:30pm to receive comments from the community regarding the work of the Board.  The Board has been appointed by the City Council to advise them on actions that may be taken to address the Interwoven Equity policies contained within the City's Comprehensive Plan https://planroanoke.org/interwoven-equity/ and to aid the Council in other policy matters related to equity and empowerment.  The Board is interested in receiving comments from the community regarding these matters.  

Further, the Board is interested in receiving suggestions for the renaming of Lee Plaza located adjacent to the Noel C Taylor Municipal Building.  Community members interested in participating in the public hearing should contact Angie O'Brien, with the City Manager's office at EEAB@Roanokeva.gov or (540) 853-2333 by Noon March 4 to receive information on how to participate in the hearing.


 La Junta Asesora de Equidad y Empoderamiento de Roanoke llevará a cabo virtualmente una audiencia pública el jueves 4 de marzo de 2021 a las 6:30 pm para recibir comentarios de la comunidad con respecto al trabajo de la Junta. La Junta ha sido nombrada por el Concejo Municipal para asesorarlos sobre las acciones que se pueden tomar para abordar las políticas de Interwoven Equity contenidas en el Plan Integral de la Ciudad https://planroanoke.org/interwoven-equity/ y para ayudar al Concejo en otras políticas asuntos relacionados con la equidad y el empoderamiento. La Junta está interesada en recibir comentarios de la comunidad sobre estos asuntos.

Además, la Junta está interesada en recibir sugerencias para el cambio de nombre de Lee Plaza, ubicado junto al Edificio Municipal Noel C Taylor. Los miembros de la comunidad interesados en participar en la audiencia pública deben comunicarse con Angie O'Brien, con la oficina del Administrador de la Ciudad en EEAB@Roanokeva.gov o (540) 853-2333 antes del mediodía del 4 de marzo para recibir información sobre cómo participar en la audiencia.

Equity & Empowerment Advisory Board Agendas

To view all of the Roanoke Equity & Empowerment Advisory Board Meetings, click here to be redirected to the City of Roanoke YouTube Channel.

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