Fallen Officers

The Roanoke Police Department unveiled a Fallen Officer Memorial on May 14, 2004. The bronze statue is located in front of the Police Department at 348 Campbell Avenue, SW, and is in memory of those who made the ultimate sacrifice. Below are the names of Roanoke Police Officers who have died in the line of duty.
T. A. Mabry
Mabry died January 8, 1892 after being hit on the back of the head with a brick while arresting a notorious saloon keeper. (Photograph unavailable.)
R. M. Beard Staff Portrait
R. M. Beard
Beard was shot and killed October 12, 1906 while guarding a man charged with robbery. His killer was the last person executed in Roanoke.
A. D. Hiner Staff Portrait
A. D. Hiner
Hiner died August 21, 1910 when he fell through the skylight of a downtown building while investigating a complaint of gambling.
J. H. Leverett Staff Portrait
J. H. Leverett
Leverett was shot and killed June 21, 1916 while serving an arrest warrant.
P. R. Fields
Fields was killed May 28, 1920 while pursuing a speeder. A wheel on the motorcycle he was driving became caught on a street car track forcing him to be thrown from the motorcycle. (Photograph unavailable.)
W. M. Terry Staff Portrait
C. H. Morgan Staff Portrait
A. M. Smith Staff Portrait
W. M. Terry, C. H. Morgan & A. M. Smith
All died of wounds sustained in an ambush as they were raiding a house on July 1, 1925. They were looking for illegal whiskey.

Officers Terry and Morgan died within several days of the shooting, while Officer Smith lived for two years after the shooting. Officer Smith's death came on July 28, 1927.
G. P. Thomas Staff Portrait
G. P. Thomas
Thomas was killed November 20, 1930 by an intoxicated citizen who vowed to kill the first police officer he saw.
W. R. Carter
Carter fell off a vehicle running board and struck his head causing on December 12, 1930. Officer Carter was attempting to arrest the driver of the vehicle as it was transporting illegal whiskey. (Photograph unavailable.)
L. R. Morris Staff Portrait
L. R. Morris
Morris died May 15, 1934, two years after being shot in the spine. Officer Morris was shot during a foot pursuit of an offender.
T. E. Kittinger
Kittinger died April 29, 1961 after being dragged several blocks by a vehicle. Officer Kittinger became stuck when the driver rolled the window up and sped away in an attempt to avoid being arrested. (Photograph unavailable.)
J. B. Jennings Staff Portrait
J. B. Jennings
Jennings died on June 28, 1965, after being paralyzed for 20 years. Sergeant Jennings was shot during a scuffle with a teenager.
D. W. Rickman Staff Portrait
D. W. Rickman
Rickman died April 12, 1986 while answering a disorder and prowler call at the residence of the arrestee's former girlfriend. The disorder suspect was arrested by Officer Rickman. When the complainant on the call came to the door of the house, Officer Rickman was shot. The woman claimed the pistol went off accidentally. She was convicted of manslaughter.
F. W. Robinson Staff Portrait
F. W. Robinson
Robinson died January 5, 1992 in an automobile accident while responding to a security alarm. Another vehicle turned in front of the police car, causing Officer Robinson's car to crash into a building.