City of Roanoke Employee Information: Coronavirus

Effective Friday May 29, 2020 until further notice, Executive Order 63 from Virginia Governor Ralph Northam is in effect.  

Starting June 5, 2020, Executive Order 65 from Virginia Governor Ralph Northam will take effect.  

City of Roanoke Planned Reopening: 

  • June 8: Reopening of Municipal Building for transactions with the Treasurer’s Office (non-DMV Select) and the Commissioner of Revenue – Public Hours 8:30-4:00
  •  June 15: Limited recall of staff to municipal buildings to prepare for more general opening
  •  June 15:  Begin Feed and Read Curbside Services
  • June 15: Reopen Parks Restrooms and Restart Shelter Reservation System (with attendance limits)
  • June 15: begin promotion of limited Summer Youth Programs
  • July 1: Expansion of Treasurer operations to include DMV-Select services
  • July 6: Limited Reopening of Municipal Building, Libraries, etc. to general public
  • July 6: Begin Limited Summer Youth Programs
  •  To see the City of Roanoke’s Reopening Plan, click here. 

Questions to ask to determine if an employee should remain at home or come to work, if returning from vacation/travel, or if they have a loved one who is returning from vacation travel.

1.     Do you know if the employee's traveled by air or car? Yes, by car. Individual may return to work. If by air, go to question 2.

2.     Did he/she travel through an international airport? Yes. Individual stays home for 72 hours.

  1. Has the employee been exposed to Coronavirus?

            If the employee has been exposed or had close contact with someone who has the virus, then the employee is expected to stay home for 14 days.

4.  Is he/she demonstrating signs of the virus? Fever, cough, etc. Yes. Individual stays home for 72 hours.

5.  Is he/she coming in from an area that had cases of Coronavirus? Yes. Individuals stay home for 14 days.

For more information on guidance for individuals who have traveled see

During Social Isolation, you might wonder what can I still do? Do I have to stay inside of my home 24/7? Maybe not.... Medical experts say fresh air and exercise are important for your physical and mental health, but use caution! Here are some frequently asked questions that will help you determine what is safe for your family to do during this time.  For the entire story from USA Today, click here

Can I go to a park?

YES! It's important to get outside but remember to go to parks that offer enough space for social distancing.  You can bike, hike, fish or jog but avoid doing these activities with groups.  Contact activities such as frisbee, football or other sports should only be played with immediate family members.  You can also virtually visit some of our National Parks by clicking here.

What about playgrounds? 

It's not recommended to use playgrounds during social distancing.  Coronavirus can live on playground equipment.  

Are beaches safe? 

It's not so much the water that's unsafe but the crowds that are usually at the beach.  It's not likely that coronavirus is spread through ocean water, but only go to beaches with smaller crowd keeping a safe distance from others.

A neighborhood walk? 

YES! Take your children or dogs for a walk around the block is safe in more suburban areas.  Just keep a safe distance from others.  

Some other great ideas......

We will get through this, together! Thanks for all that you do to serve the residents and visitors of the City of Roanoke! 

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