FY 2018 Adopted Budget Document

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Table of Contents (pdf) ​

Introduction (pdf)

​   GFOA Award

​   City Council

 ​   Organizational Chart

    Budget Committee

City Manager's Message (pdf) ​

​   Letter of Transmittal

 ​ ​ Budget Overview

 ​​  Fee Adjustments

Citizen's Guide (pdf)

​   Budget Process Overview ​​

   Budget Preparation Calendar

 ​​   Operating Fund Structure

 ​​   Financial Guidelines and Policies

About Our City (pdf) ​

Comprehensive Plan (pdf) ​

Financial Summary (pdf) ​

Personnel Summary (pdf)  ​​

HUD Consolidation (pdf)

​​Priority Summaries 

​​Each section includes Statement of Request for Results | Priority Performance Indicators | Offer Listings | Offer Executive Summaries and Performance Measures

​​Education (pdf)

Safety (pdf)

​​Human Services (pdf) 

Infrastructure (pdf) 

​​Good Government (pdf) 

​​Livability (pdf)

​​Economy (pdf) 

​​Non-Departmental (pdf) 

​​Five Year Operating and Capital Plans 2018-2022 (pdf)

​​ Appendix

 ​​ Contributions, Sponsorships and Memberships (pdf)

  Glossary of Acronyms and Terms (pdf)