Citizen Engagement

The Office of Citizen Engagement brings government and citizens together to foster collaborative conversations, build positive relationships, and promote new, innovative ways for citizens to be informed, engaged, and involved in decision making. Through the use of social media, other digital platforms, neighborhood collaboration, public outreach, and other special projects, this office provides a one-stop shop for engaging with the public.

This office focuses on: 
1. Social Media Management 
2. Website Oversight
3. Citizen Engagement Activities
4. Social Media Manager Team Leadership
5. Research and Community Involvement
6. Digital Marketing Campaigns
7. Strategic Communications Planning

​As of Oct. 2018, the City of Roanoke is a proud member of the international Cities of Service Coalition.

Recent Citizen Engagement Reports

FY2018 Social Media Annual Report
2018 Comprehensive Plan Community Feedback Report

2016 Social Media Annual Report