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eTRAKiT - our web portal for permitting - is currently down for maintenance. We expect to have the system back online by the morning of Wednesday September 23rd.

Visit our Permit Center and Inspection pages for additional information in conducting business while the system is down

Check out the new Erosion and Sediment Control code and Stormwater Management amendment adopted by City Council May 21, 2018.

Digital Plan Sets Required 

Building and site plans larger than 11" x 17" must be submitted in digital form. Digital plans reduce waste, save time, save money, and  enhance the plan review process.  Here are the options for submitting digital plans:

  • On storage media like a thumb drive or CD, 
  • E-mail them to (our email server can handle large files)
  • Upload through eTRAKiT (available only if you already have a permit number assigned)

eTRAKiT now available!

eTRAKiT permitting system is now available for
  • Schedule inspections
  • Resubmit plans for review on cases where a number has been assigned to the project.  
  • Download approved documents
  • Search permits
Throughout 2018, we will make it possible to apply for various types of permits online. 
If you are experiencing issues with eTRAKiT, contact the Permit Center at (540) 853-1090.  For guidance on submitting plans via eTRAKiT or email see our Electronic Plan Submission guidelines.
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to get information on the most common types of construction and development projects.  Each project type has information on the permits you'll need, what you need to apply for a permit,  and links to the forms you'll need.

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