Building Performance

In 2005 the City of Roanoke made a strategic change in thinking about buildings and energy. After serious consideration of how to improve the building portfolio's energy performance, the city committed to creating an "internal energy team". The city would invest in staff with a high level of profession proficiency in HVAC, electrical and plumbing skills. Therefore, making the team fully responsible for the maintenance and operations of all the buildings operational needs and ultimately  performance.

The first order of business was to assess all of the city's buildings to identify maintenance needs and capital improvements. Next, a complete Operations and Maintenance program was established and a Capital Improvement schedule was developed, these programs were prioritized on need and available funding. 
The city aggressively converted all the florescent lighting to high efficiency lights and scheduled additional lighting to be retrofitted in a systematic way. The staff continued to implement the energy saving strategy over the years. At the end of 2012 the electric use in city building had been reduced by a 13%. When calculating the savings of avoided energy costs between 2005 verses 2012, even with the cost of electricity  cost escalating, the city saved $577,000 with the energy program.

The city has completed numerous HVAC projects and continues to save money and improve energy efficiency. The municipal greenhouse gas Emissions report will be completed by November 2015, additional information will be shared at that time.


LED conversion at the Berglund Center

Coliseum retrofit web