Reporting a pothole, flooded road, downed tree, or scores of other issues has never been easier in Roanoke!

Using Twitter

Using the city’s iROANOKE Twitter account, residents can tweet issues to @iROANOKE for response by city crews. The iROANOKE Twitter account integrates directly with the city’s Citizen Request Management System. The system allows staff to log, route, and manage all tweets to the iROANOKE account. Residents who send tweets will receive notifications on Twitter regarding the status of the issue. When sending a tweet, residents should include the exact location of the problem and a photo if possible. 

The iROANOKE Twitter account will be monitored Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. 



iROANOKE allows citizens to report new issues using their smartphone's GPS and camera capabilities, review existing requests, send updates, and receive phone and email notifications of status changes on their issues. The app integrates directly with the city's new Citizen Request Management System. That system allows city staff to log, route, and manage all citizen service requests. The iROANOKE app is free to Android and Apple users and can be downloaded through Google Play or the App Store.

Other Ways to Report Issues

Citizens can also report problems by calling 540-853-2000. After that, with the new 
Citizen Request Management System, they can choose to be notified by phone or mail each time an action is taken, or just when a service request has been addressed and is closed. City staff can also trigger an update to keep concerned parties in the loop as the work is being completed.