The Department of Finance is comprised of five divisions: Accounting, Retirement, Payroll & Systems, Management & Budget, and Real Estate Valuation.


The Accounting division is responsible for ensuring compliance with accounting principles, providing timely and accurate reports, and ensuring assets are safeguarded through proper internal control measures. The division also coordinates with the Purchasing Department and all other City departments to ensure prompt payments to customers and vendors.

Payroll and Systems

The Payroll and Systems division is responsible for processing payroll for the City of Roanoke and supporting departments who use the three main financial systems by being a liaison between the end user and the Department of Technology.


The Retirement Division is responsible for processing payroll for the City's retirees and administering the City of Roanoke's own retirement system. For more information, please visit the Retirement page.

Management and Budget

The Division of Management and Budget (DMB) is responsible for allocating financial resources through budget administration, expenditure monitoring, and long-term planning. DMB and Accounting work together to establish and maintain sound fiscal policies while planning and administering debt. For more information, please visit the Management and Budget page.

Real Estate Valuation

The Real Estate Valuation division is responsible for appraising all real property and administering the real estate tax bill, which is the City's largest source of reveue. For more information, please visit the Real Estate Valuation page.

Phone Numbers

Finance Main Office 540-853-2824
Accounts Payable 540-853-5204
Payroll 540-853-2038
Retirement 540-853-2062
Management and Budget 540-853-6800
Real Estate Valuation 540-853-2771