Zoning Ordinance

The City of Roanoke's Zoning Ordinance is contained in Chapter 36.2 of the Roanoke City Code. To view the zoning ordinance, visit Chapter 36.2 of the City Code.(this link redirects to Municode.com, which hosts the online version of our code)

The online Municode version is not yet updated with the amendments that were approved on January 22, 2019.   Go here for new amendments approved on January 22, 2019

Approved Tree List

Please note that the January 22, 2019 amendment to the zoning ordinance created a reference to a tree list and specifications approved and published by the zoning administrator rather than include the list in the code. The approved tree list in effect is posted below.

Table 642-1. Trees: Approved Plant List, Minimum Size at Planting, 20-Year Canopy, and Suitability

Below are the amendments from recent years:

Zoning Map

The Official Zoning Map, which delineates the location and boundaries of the zoning districts, is a series of electronic maps which can be accessed on the City’s Real Estate GIS website. The Planning and Zoning Layers consists of 15 layers. The layers pertinent to zoning include:
  • Design Overlay
  • Historic Districts
  • Sign Overlay
  • Zoning

Search for Zoning Designation

To search for the zoning designation of a property:
  1. Go to the City's Real Estate GIS.
  2. Click the Search tab in the upper left-hand corner.
  3. Select Search Method (tax number or street name)
  4. Enter parcel number (7-digit tax map number) or street address (enter only street number and street name; do not enter St., Ave., Rd., Ln., etc.)
  5. Double-click on the appropriate listing under Results. The parcel will be highlighted on the map and property information will appear at the bottom of the screen.
  6. To display zoning designations on the map, select Map Layers followed by Planning & Zoning Layers and select base and overlays zones to find your parcel's designation.
  7. Access legends for the zoning designations by expanding the drop-down box of the appropriate layer.

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