City Involvement

The City-wide Brownfield Redevelopment Plan (PDF) establishes the role for the City in the redevelopment process. That role is to serve as a clearinghouse and facilitator for redevelopment that meets the goal of the Comprehensive Plan and supporting documents.

This role includes developing partnerships with property owners, prospective developers, and community stakeholders, and providing financial resources through various grants and other programs, as well as working with other City departments and government agencies to leverage projects that support redevelopment efforts.

Identify & Support Opportunities
The City will continue outreach efforts and compile background information on potential brownfield areas to identify prospective development opportunities and to match and market those opportunities to prospective developers.

The City will also evaluate land use and administrative policies that encourage reuse of brownfield sites and makes such reuse competitive with development of greenfield sites.

Work with Owner & Developer
The City will work with a property owner and /or developer to identify specific programs to facilitate projects that conform to long-term development goals. This assistance may include:
  • Concept development to meet goals of the Comprehensive Plan
  • Due diligence/environmental investigations
  • Coordination with DEQ for comfort letters, regulatory support
  • Coordination of cleanup plans (engineering controls) for consistency with site development (zoning) requirements
  • Developing land use restrictions that are consistent with current zoning and future land uses to offer maximum flexibility in site use