Community Events

Neighborhood & Community Engagement
Sheriff Allen and the deputies of the Roanoke City Sheriff’s Office are active in promoting a safe and active community. The Sheriff’s Office sponsors and promotes a number of public-safety campaigns, fund-raisers, and charity events through the course of the year which serve to bring public attention to these important programs.

Deputies attend neighborhood meetings throughout the city to inform citizens on safety issues and offer assistance. Community Service and participation in community activities connects the Roanoke City Sheriff’s Office to the community that we serve.
  1. Golf Tournament

    Read about the annual tournament put on by the Sheriff's Office.

  2. V.I.N. Etching

    Please join the Roanoke City Sheriff's Office for one of our upcoming VIN etching events, a service we are able to provide to the community free of charge through the HEAT (Help Eliminate Auto Theft) program.

  3. Shred Day

    Shred Day

  4. The Roanoke City TRIAD

    The Roanoke City Sheriff’s Office is pleased to announce their partnership with Virginia’s Office of the Attorney General in sponsoring The Roanoke City TRIAD. TRIAD is a term that refers to the three national organizations that agreed that crime-related needs of senior citizens could be met by a cooperative effort. These three organizations include, American Association of Retired Persons (AARP), International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP) and the National Sheriffs’ Association (NSA). A cooperative agreement was signed by these groups in 1988. The Roanoke TRIAD will strive to reduce the criminal victimization of senior citizens and enhance the relationship with law enforcement by delivering services to elderly persons through speaking engagements, community collaborations and targeted trainings. To find out more information about Roanoke City Sheriff’s Office TRIAD initiative please contact Kristen Borak at (540) 853-1761 or