Roanoke Stormwater

River Sunrise from 9th St Bridge
 Tinker Ped Bridge
 Roanoke River Steam Rising

The Stormwater Utility was created to address water quality in the City of Roanoke. The city is mandated via federal and state agencies to control and eliminate stormwater pollution.

Our goal is to transform our waterways into community assets, focal points, and source of pride for those that live, work, learn, and play in the Upper Roanoke River Watershed.


Be part of the solution,
 not the pollution.
Together, we can create a
Clean Water Legacy.

Like many rivers across the country, the health of the Roanoke River is impaired from pollution. Stormwater runoff contributes to this pollution from normal activities taking place around the city. Activities such as walking the dog, fertilizing the lawn, driving cars or those that create bare soil, can generate pollution. These pollutants wash into the stormdrain system and flow untreated into the nearest creek, ultimately reaching the Roanoke River.

The resulting pollution reduces our community's ability to use our waterways for swimming, fishing, and drinking, and it adversely impacts wildlife populations. These problems create negative impacts on our community by reducing livability, suppressing the local economy, and increasing the cost of using our water as a natural resource. 


Meet Big Lick!

Roanoke Stormwater's Mascot

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Scoop the Poop!