Mission, Vision & Values

Our Mission
This Department exists to protect and preserve the lives and property of residents and visitors of the City of Roanoke from damage or loss due to fire, medical emergencies, environmental hazards and traumatic accidents.

Core Values
  • The employees of this department are our most valuable resource. Only through them will our mission be accomplished.
  • The residents and visitors of Roanoke are our customers. We will constantly strive to provide them with the highest quality of service possible. We will consider every customer contact an opportunity to demonstrate our mission and values.
  • Employee and customer safety will affect our approach to the services we provide.
  • We uphold a philosophy of participative management that involves employees in issues that affect them, encourages open dialog, teamwork, trust and shares ideas among employees and management.
  • We will maintain department integrity and longevity through fiscally sound and proactive planning and budgeting.
  • Through research and development, visioning and creativity, we will constantly strive for better ways to fulfill our mission to serve our customers.
  • We will promote the attributes of leadership, service, pride and respect in a secure, diverse workplace.
The Roanoke Fire-EMS Department will:
  • Work to prevent emergencies from occurring through fire code enforcement, investigation and public education
  • Strive to be the recognized leader in Fire-EMS in the Commonwealth of Virginia and the United States
  • Be the department of choice for our employees to work and achieve professional development
  • Develop innovative training techniques and a research and development program for all aspects of emergency service delivery
  • Be recognized as a resource of chief officers for other departments through superior officer training and development
  • Value constructive change as positive