Williamson Road Improvements

The city, in partnership with the Williamson Road Area Business Association (WRABA), is seeking public input on the future of the Williamson Road Corridor. Williamson Road faces a number of challenges which include a lack of pedestrian amenities, safety, and accessibility necessary to create a vibrant roadway to support commerce, adjacent neighborhoods, and multiple modes of transportation.

In January, the city staff presented an option that improves Williamson Road by reallocation of the existing four lane pavement section to two lanes with a center turn lane. The plan also allows for bike lanes, green space, landscaped medians and sidewalks with minor impacts to abutting private property. In February, the Streets and Traffic Manager presented the traffic volumes, both present and future assuming the proposed lane reconfiguration. Existing traffic volumes are supported in the future condition with indicated benefits for enhanced safety, mobility, and access. 

In March, a second concept was presented. The second option illustrates the wish list the City received from WRABA: maintain the corridor unchanged and introduce curb, gutter, a landscaped utility strip, with wide shared-use sidewalks and decorative lighting. Business owners were told they would potentially need to give up 8-10 feet of property frontage to accommodate the addition to the existing roadway of a proposed landscaping strip, wide sidewalks, and relocation of utility poles to the back of the right-of-way.

Please click on the links below to view each concept. There is also information comparing the two concepts. Please click on the link at the bottom of the page to provide feedback to the city and WRABA. 


Click here to view the first concept.
Click here to view the second concept. 

Transportation Presentation to WRABA

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Comparison of the Concepts


​Public Input

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