Municipal North Entrance Renovation

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Project Description:
The entrance and lobby area on the 2nd floor of the City’s 100-year old Municipal North building was recently reopened to the public after having been closed for over 30-years.  The project to reopen the entrance serves to reconnect this historic building, a building that was originally designed to house all City offices including the judicial court system, police department and jail, to Campbell Avenue, one of Roanoke’s primary thoroughfares into downtown.  This project not only involved renovation of the original lobby area but also entailed repairs and replacement of the steps that lead from Campbell Avenue up to the building’s entrance, and the relocation of several departments and divisions to include human resources, training, lead-safe, and payroll.  It not only involved construction activities on the 2nd floor but also on a portion of the building’s 3rd floor.  Much of the work required the complete demolition of existing space and the provision of new partitions, doors and ceilings; modifications or replacement of portions of the mechanical, electrical and data systems; lighting; and new finishes to include carpet or vinyl flooring and paint.
The planning and design work for the project was performed by the City’s Engineering Division and the majority of the work accomplished by the Facilities Management (FM) group.  The work in the lobby area and the new training facility on the 3rd floor necessitated repairs to ornamental plaster, to include restoration and replacement of sections of dentil, egg and dart and crown molding.  This detail work was primarily performed under the direction of one member of the FM staff.
This renovation effort has been named “Project of the Year” for its category by the American Public Works Association and will receive an award at the regional conference to be held here in Roanoke in May 2016.