Capital Improvement Projects

Our Division currently has a total of 240 capital improvement projects totaling $83.6 million of needed funds which have been identified with preliminary design and cost estimates.

Recently Completed:
During July 2013 and July 2015, several stormwater projects were constructed which include the following:

  • Salem Turnpike Drainage Project
  • Belle Avenue/King Street Intersection Improvement Project
  • Varnell Avenue Drainage Improvement Project
  • Ohio Street Drainage Project
  • Marshall Avenue Drainage Project
  • Moran Street/Blanton Avenue Drainage Project
Upcoming Projects:
Presently, the following projects have been designed and are shovel-ready for construction:

  • Wyoming Avenue/Westside Boulevard Drainage Improvements Project
  • Westover Avenue Drainage Improvements Project
  • Queen Avenue/Courtland Road Drainage Improvements Project
  • Fresno Street/Aspen Street Drainage Improvements Project
  • Andrews/Cove Road Drainage Improvements Project
  • Trevino Drive/Monterey Road Channel Improvements Project
  • Oliver Road/Troy Avenue Drainage Improvements Project
  • Inglewood/Hartland Road Drainage Improvements Project

More than 15 projects are currently under active design.

Street Flooding
Backyard Flooding
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