Building Code Exclusions

A building permit is not required for the following:
  • Ordinary repairs which do not involve any violations of the building code. These include painting, roofing, most glass, most doors, floor covering and porch flooring (porch flooring required in Historic District), repairs to plaster or interior tile and other wall covering, residential cabinets, and wiring and equipment operating under 50 volts.
  • Detached accessory structures less than 256 square feet (including moving/storage containers); must be structurally sound and anchored. (Zoning permit required)
  • Tents or air supported structure less than 900 square feet and less than 50 persons. (Zoning permit required)
  • Fences and privacy walls that do not exceed six feet above finished grade. (Zoning permit required)
  • Swimming pools meeting all three of the following conditions: less than 150 sq. ft., less than 5,000 gallons capacity and less than 24" deep. Pools that fail to meet any one of these conditions require a permit. (Zoning permit required)
  • Reroofing with same materials for 1 and 2 family dwellings (required in Historic District).
  • Most wiring and equipment that operates at less than 50 volts (exceptions)
  • Replacement of plumbing and electrical fixtures, fittings, appliances, including electric water heaters, fans, humidifiers, dehumidifiers, air cleaners, and similar mechanical equipment, doors and windows with that of similar capacity in the same location in most residential uses.
Repairs do not include work on walls or partitions, anything that effects structural integrity, anything that effects egress or exits, removal or disturbance of asbestos, or work changing or replacing plumbing, mechanical or electrical equipment or systems.

A building permit is not required for:
  • Building a storage shed less than 256 square feet (requires zoning permit approval for location)
  • Painting or decorating
  • Pour concrete patio on grade level (requires zoning permit approval for location)
  • Repair furnace or central air unit (permit required for motor or compressor replacement)
  • Repair water heater
  • Replace flooring boards for a deck or porch.
  • Replacing existing electrical fixtures when not adding or extending circuits
  • Replacing existing plumbing fixtures when not altering supply or drain lines
  • Replacing residential cabinets
  • Screen in existing covered porch