Tent / Membrane Structure

The process outlined in this section is for the temporary erection of a tent, membrane, or air-supported structure covering an area of 900-square-feet or more including within that area all connecting areas or spaces with a common means of degree or entrance, provided such tents or structures have an occupant load of 50 or less persons.

Submission Requirements
  • Completed Tent/Membrane Structure Permit Application (PDF).
  • Flame Resistance Certification
  • For fabric structures, an affidavit MUST be filed as part of the permit application attesting to the following information relative to the flame resistance of the fabric:
    • Names and addresses of the owners of the tent, membrane, or air supported structure
    • Date the fabric was last treated with flame-resistant solution
    • Trade name or kind of chemical used in treatment
    • Name of the person or firm treating the material
    • Name of the testing agency and test standard by which the fabric was tested.
  • Floor plan (1 copy) drawn to scale with sufficient detail and clarity to indicate compliance with egress, fire extinguisher locations, and other safety requirements.
  • Basic development plan (1 copy), delineating the following:
    • Dimensions and shape of the lot.
    • Adjoining streets.
    • Location of the existing buildings on site, if applicable.
    • Location of the proposed tent/membrane structure including dimensions, height, and setback from nearby structures and parcel lines.
  • If not the property owner or lessee, provide notification from owner or lessee indicating approval for this installation.
Review Process
Once your permit application has been deemed complete and initialized in our system (you will receive a Permit Submittal Confirmation Letter), City staff has 10 business days for zoning review and either 5 business days for fences associated with a single- or two-family dwelling or 10 business days for all other building types. You may receive comments from City staff if additional information is needed to complete a thorough review. An Additional Submissions Form must accompany any resubmission of plans or information.

Tent/membrane structures are reviewed for compliance with the following codes:
  • Sec. 36.2-429. Temporary Uses, Zoning, Code of the City of Roanoke
  • 2012 Uniform Statewide Building Code
Visit the City of Roanoke's Real Estate GIS page to determine your property's zoning designation.

Fees are due at time of permit issuance. The fees for tent/membrane structures is $50.00 for the review fee.

Public events that may include a tent/membrane structure are considered a temporary use and have a maximum duration of 14 calendar days per the City's Zoning Ordinance.