Neighborhood Development Grant Program

About the Program

The Roanoke Neighborhood Advocates, in partnership with the City of Roanoke's Office of Neighborhood Services, is proud to offer the Neighborhood Development Grant Program. This program creates opportunities for volunteer community organizations to make their neighborhoods safer, cleaner, and healthier by providing them with the resources to achieve their goals. Through neighborhood development grants, volunteer community organizations have the opportunity to build community spirit, develop leaders within the neighborhood, show others that projects can be accomplished, and recruit volunteers to share in these efforts.

The Neighborhood Development Grant program is funded by a combination for Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) funds and city General funds. 

Neighborhood and community groups are encouraged to apply for funding that support projects that complement their organization's business plan, the city's neighborhood plan, the city's 2001-2020 Comprehensive Plan, and/or the city's Arts & Cultural plan. 

A Neighborhood Development Grant Program workshop was held on Thursday, November 9, 2017 at 6pm at which time attendees were provided information on how to apply for funding, allowable uses, limitations, record keeping and other administrative requirements regarding the program.  

Attendance at this session was NOT a requirement for neighborhood organizations desiring to submit application(s) for participation in the program but they are strongly urged to attend.
  1. Grant Funding Overview
  2. Who Can Apply
  3. Eligible Projects & Activities
  4. Goals of the Program
  5. Most Recent FY17-18 Program Info
  6. Current FY 2018-2019 Program Info
  7. Previously Funded Projects

City Neighborhood Grant Funding Opportunities

The Neighborhood Development Grant program provides grants to undertake projects ranging from $250 to $25,000. In the past, these grants have been used for a number of projects ranging from housing rehabilitation and lead paint abatement to the purchase and installation of period street lighting and trees, historical markers, and gateway signage.